Riphah international university

Riphah International University Pakistan is a federally chartered University established in 2002 with a view to produce professionals with Islamic morals and ethical values. Riphah International University is committed to promote and impart quality education in applied and social sciences in particular with focus on character building of the new generation in the light of Islamic principles and values. Riphah International University (RIU) has a holistic and integrated approach in education. It intends to build a complete personality of our youth with a view of the welfare of humanity. In our view, a value based education alone, can produce a generation of dynamic, committed and progressive leaders and builders of the Ummah. Riphah has achieved a considerable growth since its inception and is serving the society in the fields of higher education and Healthcare with more than 1200 employees in different geographical locations in Pakistan and Middle East.


Why Joining Riphah?

We consider character building to be an integral aspect of our programs, as learning without personal integrity will be of little value to the individual and the society. Therefore we follow our mission statement which says “Establishment of the State-Of-The Art institutions with focus on inculcating Islamic Ethical Values”. The policies of the University aim to attract, motivate, recognize, and retain competent academic and professional staff members. Internal equity, market competitiveness and promotion of culture of merit and high performance are three fundamental principles of the University's remuneration policies.


Since its inception in 1995, Riphah has strived to achieve the aim of imparting quality education, encourage research and intellectual growth in the country, with focus on inculcating Islamic Ethical Values. As a result, Riphah has played a key role in setting high standards of academics and producing professionals who are contributing their best efforts towards the economic and social growth of the country.


LEARNING & GROWTH with riphah:

All activities are thus designed with definite learning objectives. Employee development and growth is at our top priority and the Organization ensures to create such opportunities and working conditions which will facilitate the employees to grow professionally and also to become useful individuals for the society. The two fundamental aims of the organization are to align the skills of people with current job needs and developing people for enhanced future roles. Through training, we aim to enable our people to acquire the right skills and attributes, which are needed to meet the current job needs. Our development initiatives aim to prepare our people for assuming more challenging and demanding roles in future.


The Recruitment & Selection procedures and processes ensure the recruitment and deployment of the right mix of people, who can make effective contribution to the University. RIU/IIMC-T is an equal opportunity employer. All recruitment decisions at the University are made on the basis of merit.


Riphah adheres to merit as the sole criteria in its decision making. This applies to all aspects of its operations, from selection of faculty and staff, to admission and evaluation of students. We believe that sustained hard work provides the underpinning for the socio-economic development of a nation. Riphah academic programmes help develop the stamina and diligence essential for success in the increasingly competitive international environment.